Saturday, April 30, 2011



Dr is for Drama.

Drama that I have gone through today. 

All the heartache and hardship. Ups and downs in 6 years.

But all in all, I just want to say :)

Actually, Dr is for Doctor :)

**Note: I will write more later! InsyaAllah.


Fatin Syahira Ramli said...

congrate ;)
proud for you!

Jacknaim said...

good luck Dr. Natasha........ another doctor and future doctor in law for cikgu rohana..hehe

Jacknaim said...

eh..good luck plak... ni la bahana post comment sambil mata mengait ikan..Tahniah Dr. Natasha..

Iman Aisyah said...

Fatin Syahira,

Thanks :)! Good Luck to u too.

Iman Aisyah said...


Thanks. Buleh jugak nak ckp good luck utk memulakan perjalanan. Baru bermula jah ni perjalanan.

InsyaAllah akan berusaha menjadi a good muslimah doctor. U too Tahniah Dr. Naim.