Sunday, January 17, 2010


The motto is an exercise motto by an actress, Jane Fonda who produced series of aerobic exercise videos in 1982. The meaning is clear, no pain no gain. The concept is rather simple, when you exercise, when you feel there is no pain anywhere on your muscles, you know you are not exercising correctly, thus not gaining anything out of it.

Similarly in life, we experience pain, regardless of how we define and see what pain is.
We always want to question ourselves:
when we live our life too easily with no pain coming, are we actually gaining anything with the way we live now?

Why not take the challenge of ‘pain’, suffer temporarily and actually gain something out of it? Of course, we always have the choice ‘to live life easy’ (a great quote for lazy bums), and it’s always fun living in such way. But will we be able to gain as much as living life with a little pain?

Why not take the challenge of ‘pain’, suffer temporarily and actually gain something out of it?

Solat Jemaah

Solat jemaah is a pain (to some).

But why not suffer the ‘pain’ temporarily, go solat jemaat and get 27 times greater reward than solat sorang2.

You’ll never know how this can help you later in the hereafter.

Always keep this in mind, pain is ALWAYS temporary. (Long pain is utter rubbish and mostly related to heart broken love story thing. In this matter, just learn how to forgive and you’ll be fine.) At the end of the day, the gain is way too sweet in comparison to the short pain.
Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya…
(al-Baqarah: 286)
Allah tells us to believe Pain is something that we can endure and you must believe in Allah’s words. Always believe. For every suffering/pain we’re facing, at the end of the day, we will eventually GAIN something out of it. Cause as Muslims, we’re no losers. We are always the winner. We just need to work and believe.

An Arabic saying states that "a person who does not stand now will never be able to sit later."

This means that a person who does not work hard in their younger life will never have a relaxed life when they are older.

Everything in life has to be earned and all of us have to pay the "tax" whatever our achievement is.

How to become A Good and Successful Medical Student-Prof Dr Muhaya


Being a 5th year medical student, I have gone through hardtimes, sweat and tears. But at the end there will always sweet time :) and happy time also (^_^)

Being me, I always feel that I cannot do and go through the hardtimes but it always turn out to be the other way around. Thanks to my family and friends who always have the confidence in me! All praises to HIM that helping me went trough all this years.

Be patient!

I experienced the feeling of:

"This subject is so difficult, I can't understand!"

Learning about the highest creation of God which is human being, is never easy.

For me, the important thing is never give up!

Even you understand them slowly compared to your other friends, nevermind. The main thing is the knowledge that you acquired.

Regard all the difficulty as challenge and ibadah.

Studying medicine and applying the knowledge into a clinical skill is about helping others. Then tell ourself that.
"If I not study well now, later I will end up being a crappy doctor with minimum knowledge and not confidence in practising the skills."

So the choice is in our hand rite?

Let us have the determination to achieve the best that we can do!

Pray hard. Work hard. Love more and laugh more :)

This entry is dedicated to my brother, Hafizi. He sms me just now:
Angah,makin susahla study sekarang runsingla takut tak lulus nnt entrance exam ni..dahla result SPM tak tau dpt syarat hok dio nk ko dop..
Angah doakan semoga eg dapat buat yang terbaik. Yang penting jaga solat+doa+usaha. InsyaAllah boleh!


faiq zaini said...

no success without fail.

mrssmile said...

alhamdulillah...turut berbangge dgn kematangan blogmu terpukul dgn semua entri...i love all ur words, ur concern to ur family and ur new spirit!! keep it up dear..i wanna feel the same too..ya Allah..tolong la hambaMu ini tetap dijalan kebaikan..aminn.;)

Iman Aisyah said...

faiq zaini:
yupp..failing doesnt mean u fail forever, its just a delay of success.

yang penting jgn give up! lagi2 dlm medicine yang memerlukan kekuatan mental dan juga fizikal..spiritually strong is very important!

selamat menjadi doctor muslim yang berjaya! amin.

Iman Aisyah said...

ermm..siapalah agaknya gerangan mrssmile ini?Puan INK ya?hehe..dari ayat dah dpt agak:)

Thanx for ur compliment dear! jom sama2 mempraktikkan semangat baru ini:) InsyaAllah saya akan terus menulis dan cuba menyampaikan sesuatu utk dikongsi dgn semua.

Lets spread the love that we have dear for Islam:)

Solehah women will smile in trouble and gather strength from doa.Amin utk doanya!