Monday, May 10, 2010

Public Health

Assalamualaikum wbt

Today is my first day in Public Health department. Public health or in Indonesia we called "Ilmu Kesihatan Masyarakat" . Introduction by Dr Denni the head deparment of P3D, about "Important and Urgency". I have already read that in the magazine and motivational book before this. I know the topic does not included in the syllabus for the public health but Dr Denni just wanted to emphasis on how important to manage our daily activities according to their "importance and urgency".

It has been so long since me and my batch mates have lectures. I mean long lectures that start early in the morning and finished in the afternoon! Long hours of lectures:)

Good Luck to me and my friends^_^

There will be pre-test tommorow. I have not finished the book yet. huhu.

In this rotation, only 20 of us! We will not see any patients within 4 weeks and we will not going to the hospital. Only the Eckyman Building opposite the hospital.

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