Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silence Is Golden

Sometimes something is better to be left unsaid. Not everything can be explained by words and not everyone will understand the words that we are explaining to them. Confuse right-_-

Cant wait for next month to come. Can I just wake up in October? Wake me up when September ends?

I believe in fate. I am strong. Strong like Alice in the Resident Evil. Hahaha(mengarut ok=D)

Ok. Enough with the metaphorical words.

  • Note : Actually I am planning to write about my experience in O&G department  so that I can  share the experience with my juniors but I come up with this metaphorical words. I am thinking of writing some poems?=) I should use both part of my brains. Left and right. This days I always used the left part only. Now, let us generate the neurons at the right part also. Art=)

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