Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Happy Ending:)

A Happy Ending:)

Alhamdulillah, after all the sweats, late nights and heartaches, all of us success in this O&G department. It is so relieved to know that all of us passed and no one has to re-sit the paper.

Today is a happy day! Alhamdulillah:)

Actually, I want to write more but I have other work to be done first. Insya Allah, I will write consistently and also study very2 consistent and also do the prayers very2 consistent. Yesterday, as usual before I went to the hospital I will listen to There will be a slot that I love to listen which is MOTIVASI PAGI. One of the topic that really touch me is about the things that we want so much. The Ustaz ( I am sorry I cant remember the Ustaz name) told that if we wanted something so badly, just pray to Allah SWT by doing QIAM  early in the morning. I have heard before about a hadith or the verse in the Quran saying that, our prayer will be granted by Allah SWT if we prayed during our QIAM. I know that I seldom did this. I am not consistent!

Ok, my next target is to do QIAM consistently=) In order to clean my heart and also that to revitalising myself (Am I using correct word? revitalising?=D

I have to stop. I have to go to Hospital to do fingerprinting for the attendance.

Have a great day ahead and may today is better than yesterday. InsyaAllah=)
Don't forget to smile (Thanks alot to this one person who told me to do so before. today is the person birthday=) I consider the person as, 'Anak Muda Gigih Berusaha'=) 

Iman Aisyah is in her last week in OBGYN Department and she is very happy with OBGYN rotation that end with happy ending=)

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